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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drew 6-9 months old

Here's what's New with Drew (6-9 mos):

1 - He still ADORES his big brother....and AJ is starting to show an interest in playing with Drew, too!

2- He gave me his 1st snuggle hug on 2/25/11 :-)

3 - He continues to like food and try new things. He loves his Baby MumMum snacks and began to be a pro at feeding himself puffs around 7.5 mos old.

4 - When he was 8 mos old, he got pretty sick with pink eye, a double ear infection and RSV and had to use an inhaler to help with his wheezing. Occasionally, we have used his inhaler since this sickness because he continues to have some wheezing episodes.

5 - He is still a very curious, inquistive lil guy, always looking around at what's going on and trying to get into things.

6 - He is wearing mostly 18 mos clothes!

7 - He got up on all 4's and started rocking on 3/13/11

8 - He began scooting forward on his belly in March.

9 - 1st haircut on 3/26/11....I wanted to wait til he was at least a year old but it just wasn't possible! his hair was all in his eyes and just out of control.

10 - He crawled for the 1st time on his 9 month bday (4/3/11). He also pulled/pushed himself up on the fireplace ledge to a bent over but standing position.

Here are his last 3 month pictures (7-9 mos):

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