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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drew 3-6 months

I wanted to commit to at least writing on this blog every 3 months for the 1st year, but as you can see I am about a month late with this entry. Once again, life has gotten in the way. But I am not apologizing....because I love our life, and how busy and full it is!

Still, I want to keep up with this blog as much as I can, at least for this 1st year with Andrew.

Since I last posted we celebrated



And Andrew's Baptism.
We also had another visit with Andrew's birthfamily in December. They came to our house for the first time and we had a wonderful time visiting.
We exchanged presents with them, and we were so appreciative of everything they brought for both Andrew and Alex. And most of the presents were homemade, which is even more meaningful.

I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by, and how fast Drew is growing. At his 6 month doctor appointment he was 20lbs and 4oz, and 28 inches long. I am having to restock his drawers with bigger and bigger clothes almost weekly!

Here's what is New With Drew (from 3-6 months):

1 - He rolled over
from his belly to his back on 11/18/10 and from his back to his belly on 12/2/10...and he hasn't stopped rolling since! You can't lay him down w/o him rolling across the room to the toy he wants or just for the heck of it!
And he flips himself over in his crib, sleeping on his belly a lot now. He especially likes rolling around with Annie on the floor. No sign of crawling yet, but he sees no reason to - rolling works just fine!

2 - He grabs at EVERYTHING! Some of his favorites are my hair, my glasses and Daddy's sweatshirt strings. But he really grabs at anything and everything in his reach. Busy lil hands he has!

3 - He is wearing mostly 12-18mos 6 months old!

4 - He went thru a period where it was a little difficult to get him to sleep, mostly for naps. But we learned a trick (accidentally). ELMO! He loves the talking Elmo AJ got for Christmas and after a few minutes of listening to him talk, Drew would fall to sleep. So Elmo became our "secret weapon" to get him to sleep.

5 - Speaking of sleeping, there is no question when Drew is tired...he makes this growling noise when he's ready to go to sleep. It's so cute...and very helpful! And he definitely likes to sleep on his tummy, despite us always putting him on his back.

6 - He started eating lots of different cereals, fruits and vegatables, as well as snackin on Puffs and drinking water out of a sippy cup.

7 - Applesauce seems to be his favorite, and he doesn't care for bananas.

8 -He no longer takes baths on the kitchen counter, but in the bath tub....and he still LOVES bathtime!

9 - He really enjoys the noise he makes while laying on his back and kicking his legs up and down on the floor. That "BUM" noise sounds like it would hurt his lil feet but it makes him crack up!

10 - He played in the snow (sorta) for the 1st time

11 - He is more and more interested in playing with new and different toys.

12 - He continues to adore his big brother.
No one holds his attention or makes him smile as much as AJ does. Drew wants to be wherever his brother is and can't wait to be able to play with him.

13 - He is the blow-out king! We've had to throw away so many onesies bc of his poop messes!

14 - He is a HAPPY happy baby! Pretty easy to please and very smiley. We have been blessed with 2 very happy boys!

Here are Andrew's 4-6 month pictures: