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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet -
regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

This ancient Chinese belief reminds us that the baby that is meant for our family will find us......and may already be on his or her way! We can't wait to meet and welcome him or her to our family!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 1st step in our next journey

It sorta seems strange to start this new blog. Strange, but exciting too. Our first blog ( was started as we begun the adoption process in Feb 2008 for our 1st child. That process could not have gone more smoothly. And as those of you who have followed that blog (and still do!) all know, we were matched and brought home our son, Alexander (Alex/AJ) in July 2008. We got the call about his birth the day after he was born and after speaking with his birthmom, K, she asked us to be his parents. We had the chance to meet K and her mom at the hospital on the day we brought Alex home. It was such an emotional experience for us all....moments that will forever be held in our hearts as beyond special. We have a semi-open adoption with K and keep in contact via letters/cards/pictures and texts. K has told us multiple times how she feels that Alex was destined to be our son, and how happy she is with her decision to place him with us. We will be forever grateful to K for her decision and love her as an extended member of our family.

During our many conversations with K we shared that we would eventually adopt again. We talked about our relationships with our siblings and how Jason and I both really want Alex to have at least one brother or sister to grow up with. Plus, we have just LOVED everything about being parents and look forward to experiencing that with another baby.

So here we are.

Yesterday we sent in our registration paperwork to Adoption STAR - the same agency we worked with for Alex's adoption. Next we just have to complete the homestudy process. And create another profile, too. We don't plan on being homestudy ready until about April 2010. Then the official wait will begin.

This time around we are considering working with both STAR and a private attorney simultaneously. We figured that this might open up more doors for us. We know that a lot of birthparents or expectant birth parents like to place their babies with a couple who doesn't already have a child. Since we have Alex, we know this might be seen as a "negative" to some looking to place. However, we see the fact that we have already been through the process, and have had a successful adoption (AND have a WONDERFUL son as a result) as a positive! We are so very proud and value our experience and the way our family has come to be. And we look forward to experiencing this new journey.

Over the next few months we will be completing the homestudy update process. Part of that process involves creating a new profile to show to birthparents and expectant parents who are considering adoption as an option. As soon as we get that completed we will post it here for you all to view as well.

We know, just like with Alex, that the right baby will find us. Adoption is such a miracle and we look forward to expanding our family and seeing Alex be a big brother!

Wish us luck! And if you know of anyone who is considering adoption, please think of us and feel free to contact us at

Thanks for your continued love, friendship and support,
Alison, Jason & Alex