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Monday, October 4, 2010

What's New With Drew

I know that it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. And I feel horrible guilt about it. It was MUCH easier to keep up with AJ's blog when he was an only child, than it is now with 2 kiddos. I still take as many pictures of Andrew as I did with AJ. I just don't have as much time to post them and blog about all the special and exciting things that have been happening since Drew came home to us. But believe me, these moments are happening every day and are treasured just as much as they were when we were a family of 3.

Since we've become a family of 4, our house is overloaded with love - sibling relationships blooming, parents falling in love with our new baby, bottle-feedings, increase in laundry, and a decrease in sleep. Jay and I are getting the hang of zone defense when we are alone with the boys, look forward to man-on-man defense when we each can tackle the demands of one, and cherish the times we have as a family of 4. At times, it has been difficult and tiring but even on those days we know it is totally worth it. We are so in love with Andrew and are so grateful for what he has added to our home, to our lives. Just to be able to say "kids" and "boys" (plural) brings so much joy to us.

So when there are months that go by w/o a post, just be assured that we are too busy living and loving, which leaves very little time for blogging ;-)

With that said, here's the run-down of what's New With Drew:

1 - The 1st several weeks, Drew was pretty restless and difficult to soothe, especially in the evening and btn night feedings. Taking him outside in the evenings was the only thing that helped soothe him. But at around 8 weeks old, he changed into a more laid-back, content and happy baby! This is likely connected to #4 ;-)

2 - He had his 1st REAL smile at 3 weeks old! It was in response to me tickling under his chin while Papa was holding him. His next smiles were directed at AJ and here is just one example of that.

3 - He's up to eating 6 1/2 oz/feeding (5 times/day) - see #9

4- He sleeps thru the night (and has been since about 8 weeks old), although some nights are more restless than others.

5 - He slept in his crib in his room for the 1st time last night.....and did GREAT! (He had been sleeping in the co-sleeper bassinet in our room).
6 - He definitely recognizes me, Jay and AJ and smiles and kicks and wiggles all over when we approach him.

7 - He is especially fond of AJ - and their interactions melt my heart!

8 - He can grab hold of things
now, including toys, blankets, and my hair!

9 - He is a BIG boy! Guessing over 15 lbs now and has rolls ALL OVER! LOVE LOVE LOVE my butterball!

10- He is definitely a morning baby - so happy to see us when he wakes up!

11- He LOVES Patty-Cake and taking baths

12- We keep in touch with his birthmom A regularly on facebook and through email (in addition to sending her letters and pictures each month) and we had our 1st visit with A and some of her family yesterday. Stay tuned for a post about that visit SOON - ok maybe not soon, but at some point in the future ;-)

Here are his 1st 3 month pictures:

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